Infidel Studios provides high quality recording and mixing services for bands, solo artists and musicians of all genres.

There is enough space for the average sized band to play live. There is a variety of rooms and differing acoustic spaces and a big selection of microphones. Instrument amplifiers, and musicians can be acoustically isolated as required.

Up t to 32 channels of digital multi-track recording up to 24 bit 96 kHz are available.

There is also the option to record to 16 channel, 2″ analogue tape.


We can take care of music projects from initial tracking through to the end of mix down or we can help with some smaller part of a recording project – for example:

  • Tracking drums & bass to tape,
  • Mixing a project recorded elsewhere – as far flung as the Solomon Islands to date, or
  • Tracking vocals for a project recorded in a home studio,

Files can be exported in many formats. If you wish to bring a project that is in progress, please contact us to discuss how to prepare you files.