Infidel Studios provides Foley and sound effects services for television and film. We are keen to do whatever it takes to make the footage work. We have spent a lot of time working on methods for making great water sounds and are particularly proud the results we are getting.

Recent major projects include: 



Producer – Steve Jaggi;
Director – Rhiannon Bannenburg.

This film was shot largely in and around Kiama, NSW and involved a lot of beach, ocean and underwater scenes.

Foley recording involved going to several locations to get the right sounds – including a day spent with a mobile recoding rig at a farm dam.


Blue World Order:

Producers – Sarah Mason, Che Baker & Tim Maddocks;
Directors – Che Baker & Dallas Bland.

A post-apocalyptic indy film made produced entirely in and around Canberra – and featuring a fleet of DeLoreans.



Salt Bridge:

Producers – Abhijit Deonath & Alakananda Deonath
Director – Abhijit Deonath

A film about a young family from India who have moved to Australia for work and their struggles to fit in with the community as well as the local Indian community.


Infidel Studios also does a lot of Foley for nature documentaries and other smaller projects.


Please contact us for more information or for links and passwords to our showreels.