Have you ever recorded at Infidel Studios?

Our Tascam DA-88, DA-38 and DA-30mkII in all their 16bit glory.

Our Tascam DA-88, DA-38 and DA-30mkII in all their 16bit glory.

Did you record at Infidel Studios or with either Duncan or Paco anytime before 2005?

Have you ever wondered “How come I lost all my copies of that CD we made??” or wondered “Gee, I wonder if I could get my old tracks and have a go at mixing them?”.

Well, now is the time to do something about it.

All Infidel Studios recordings made from when Paco began, around 1996, through until about 2004 – 2005, were multi-tracked to DA-88 & DA-38 machines and mixed down to DAT tape. Although archiving and storage of old recording projects has never been formally offered by the studio, we have tried to keep one copy of every project we have worked on over the years in one format or another. Old projects that were recorded to these tape based digital formats have been stored only on the tapes and there is no second copy. And as anyone who works in IT will tell you, data that is in only one place doesn’t exist!

The big issue now is that any recordings on these early digital format tapes will soon be almost impossible to retrieve. Machines to play them back have not been manufactured for many years and the ones that are left are breaking down. Many parts for them are hard to come by or simply made of unobtanium. The tapes themselves are a whole lot less robust than first thought.

Now is the time to get them transferred before they become unplayable and lost forever.

Currently we have one DA-38 machine that is running well and a DA-88 that, although it is too unreliable for audio playback, is very useful for synchronisation. We also have one working DAT machine. This year I have successfully transferred a good number of DA-8 and DAT tapes, covering 3 different recording projects, without any losses.

Over recent months I have done a stocktake of all the DA-8 and DAT tapes we hold. We have about 350 DA-8 tapes and 180 DAT tapes that span over about 130 separate recording projects. So there is a very good chance we hold yours. Associated paperwork ranges from “none at all” though to comprehensive sessions notes. At the very least, I can link nearly every tape to a band or artist name.

If you do want your old projects or want more information, please get in touch.


Looking Glass – Volume 4

LG Vol 4The latest Looking Glass album “Volume 4” is out and available now, and it is a monster. Initially set for release late 2015, it got tons of interest from the music industry and was picked up by Goatsound Records who have released it this week under their banner.

The album was recorded at Infidel Studios between late 2014 and mid 2015 by Tim Duck; with vocals, some extra guitars and other odd bits recorded by Lachlan from the band.

The tracks were mixed by Tim at Infidel in the second half of 2015, and it was mastered by Jason Fuller in Melbourne.

It sounds mighty. The band have once again come up with a great collection of songs and demonstrated their impressive musical talents and prowess. It is an excellent modern take on classic rock, partially an homage to the genre, partly an extension of it. The boys should be proud of what they have made.

Tim used a combination of different recording processes to compliment the songs and style of music the band presented. Drums and bass were recorded, very hot, to tape before being transferred to the computer. All other tracks were recorded directly to the computer. The mix was done using a mix of  analogue & digital processes. During the mix, our Leslie cabinet was wheeled out and used as an effects unit – you can hear it on vocals in “Hearse” for example. The Leslie Cab has that extra bit of dirt and grind that you just cant get from a plug-in. Among many other things, our lovely Lexicon 300 unit features heavily on this album, it is responsible for most of the large and lush reverbs.

I do have one issue with the record – it was made to be played at Volume 11 – not Volume 4.

Buy it now, you wont regret it. You can get it here from Bandcamp – CD digipack or download.


Lift Off 2014 & 2015 Competition Winners.

For several years now, Infidel Studios has given a prize of a day in the studio to the Lift Off band competition. Recently, the winners of both the 2014 prize and the 2015 prize claimed their day.

2014 winners, Owls Hunt Bats, waited almost a year before coming to record early December last year, and it was worth the wait. They added another day and a half, and completed what can only be described as a totally rockin’ EP. It is ready to go to mastering, the boys are just planning this next step. I can’t wait until it comes out, these guys are exciting in a Thin Lizzy / Hives kind of way – just my kind of thing. Sadly, I was so keen on the music I completely forgot to take any photos of the session. You can find out more about them (and see pictures too) here

2015 winner, Lucy Sugerman, couldn’t wait to get in to the studio. Having won the prize in December, she came in January with her guitar and piano and put down eight songs. This 14 year old is quite a surprising talent. If you haven’t seen her perform already, she is well worth a listen. The quality of her voice and songwriting are far more mature that her age would suggest. I’m not to sure what her plans are for these recordings but seriously – watch this space. For more info

Congratulations to both winners.

Lift Off is a free competition and festival for people aged 14 – 22. For more information.


Glitoris have just finished off recording a 4 track EP, and it sounds huge.

Distant micing of the drums, guitars through Big Muff and Hot Cake pedals, the bass cranking through the studio’s old Fender Bandmaster for a big fat 70s sound and backing vocals recorded through a Shure Bullet harmonica mic. Yum!

And if the kick drum isn’t loud enough, stick an amplifier in it.

If all goes according to plan it should be mixed in the next few weeks.

I can’t wait ’til this one comes out.

IMG_5636 IMG_5635











The Longest Weekend ever is over …

… or is it??

Night Train

The latest news from Night Train is that after many years of grabbing the occasional long weekend when all band members were available and could spare the time to track and mix an album, it is finally all done – recorded, mixed, mastered, printed and ready to go.

Called “Mk-VI”, it will be launched at the ANU Bar on Saturday 11th of April. I have heard murmurings that there will be pyrotechnics at the show, so be sure to get in early and get a spot right up close to the stage. Tickets are available from Moshtix.Mk-VI Album Cover

Although the band recorded and released the single “One More Night” back in 2010, recording of the album only began in earnest in June 2012. Either way – 3 or 5 years – it is the longest time a band has taken to complete an album at Infidel Studios. Though, to be fair, all the sessions only added up to about 10 days of studio time.

Over the years the band have had too many bass players to count – apparently through a series of bizarre situations reminiscent of Spinal Tap’s drummer problems. When they they finally convinced Clint, who had previously moved from bass to vocals, to keep singing and pick up the bass again, the album really started to take shape.

The album was engineer by myself with Louis Montgomery assisting on sessions for the final year or two. We also had 2 work experience people – Gabe Trew and Louis Fourie – who sat in on some of the sessions in 2012.

The album was mastered at Masterdisk in New York and has come back sounding massive. A rockin’ record and a geat result for everyone involved. I’m looking forward to the pyrotechnics.