Producers who have used the studio:

Harris Johns – Legendary German metal producer. Tracked Hellbringers album, “Dominion of Darkness” at the studio.

Richard Lush – Tracking for The Tulleys album at Infidel Studios

Ken Stringfellow – Tracked Hannah Gillespie’s second album, “All the Dirt” at Infidel Studios

Geir (Brillian) Gunnarson – Geir did some work with a few bands at Infidel many years ago when he still lived in Canberra. Always interesting ideas, check out Blasphemy #1.


Recent Artists and Bands:

Night Train – Duncan has worked with the band over many years. Most recently recorded & mixed the album “MK-VI”.

Lost Coast – 2xx Radiothon winners of the band subscription section. Lovely slow surf guitar instrumental stuff.

Hashemoto – 3 piece folk band who refuse to use electricity. Currently working on a new album.

The New Gods of Thunder – Recorded a “Live in the studio” album with an audience of about 30 people.

Looking Glass – Tracked albums and eps at the studio. Currently working on a new album.

Sally Greenaway – Classical composer. Worked on album “Aubade & Nocturne” which was picked up by the ABC Classics label.

Na Maza – EP recorded & mixed by Duncan, released on a USB sword

Waterford – First EP recorded & mixed by Cam, who is now in the band.

Freddie McLennan – Album recorded & mixed by Tim.

Moochers INC – EP recorded & mixed by Duncan.

This Lone Ranger – 6 track web release recorded & mixed by Tim.

Bladder Spasms – Tracked an album worth of material in one day. Awesome

Magic Rob Universe – CD recorded and mixed by Duncan, assisted by Louis the new kid.

Little Mac & the Monster Men – CD recorded & mixed by Tim.

Kill for Satan – 2nd Album, “The Final Conflict”, recorded & mixed by Tim.

Hannah Gillespie – What an awesome songwriter and singer. Second album “All The Dirt” produced by Ken Stringfellow. First album, “Growing Up Stupid” recorded & mixed by Duncan.

Jane Sage – Great songs, massive voice, what a talent. Her first album, “Worlds Apart”, was produced by Duncan and Jane.

Hellbringer – EP, “Forgery” recorded & mixed by Tim.

The Skronks – The dirtiest EP Duncan has made in a while.

The Wedded Bliss – Awesome 3 piece Country / Folk band. Their latest album, “Tailor Made Heartache”, recorded & mixed by Cameron & Duncan. Their two previous albums were also made at Infidel.

Life and Limb – EP,  “Four Islands”, recorded & mixed by Tim. Mastered for vinyl by Duncan.

The Ellis Collective – Bloke Folk at its best. Duncan produced their album “Means What It Means”.

Tonight Alright – Classy Pop. Their self titled EP was produced by Tim & Cameron.

The Fuelers – Cowboys with style. Duncan, Cameron and Tim have worked with these guys for several years on several albums. Always a pleasure.

The Naddiks – Great Rock/punk/grunge if you like sump oil getting in through your pores. Their latest album, “Amber Sun”,  recorded & mixed by Tim.

Hashemoto – 3 piece folk band who refuse to use electricity. Recorded & mixed live at the ANU School of Music by Duncan & Andrew Zeylermaker

The VeeBees – Awesome Oz Rock. Their Album “Roots ‘n’ Blues” recorded and mixed by Tim.

Lushpup Images – Geoff is an excellent photographer with a great eye and has taken many of the pictures that are on this site.

Kevin Nicol – Worked with a number of bands and artists, including Redletter, Fred Smith and Hannah Gillespie, when he was living in Canberra. He even left his Gold and Platinum records at the studio for a time because he “wanted them out of the house”.

Other Links:

Duncan reads and recommends Viz Magazine. Possibly the most puerile publication on the planet.

Duncan is a member of The Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) and has been for about 10 years.

Kori the artist formerly known as Corey is wondering why you are looking at this website when you could be looking at THIS! … or THIS!! … or THIS!!!

Tim’s awesome but now semi defunct band, Teen Skank Parade, can be found here and here (boys boys boys … such bad language!) and a video about recording the band using only speakers as microphones can be found here

Tim has his own website that he would like you to visit over here

Cam would probably rather be doing this.