Audio Digitisation & Archival Transfer

Infidel Studios can digitise audio from a wide variety of analogue and legacy digital sources.

Our engineers have worked on digitisation programs in some of the major Commonwealth Government audio archives. All work is done to the internationally recognised audio archiving digitisation standard – TC004.

All analogue audio is digitised with Prism converters. Prisms are one of the the few converters used by the major audio collecting and archiving agencies around the world and one of the best A-D converters made.

Analogue formats we can digitise include:

  • All formats of mono and stereo 1/4″ reel to reel tape – 15/16ips quarter track up to 30 ips two track stereo. Full track, half track and quarter track
  • Cassettes.
  • Vinyl records, including 78s.
  • 2″  16 track tape
  • 1/2″  16 track tape
  • MiniCassette
  • Microcassette

Digital formats we can transfer include:

  • DAT cassette tapes,
  • DA-8 cassette tapes
  • ADAT cassette tapes (with prior arrangement)

We have enough cassette and 1/4″ playback machines that we can do 4 way ingest for these formats, and enough for 3 way ingest of DAT tapes. Multiple ingest allows an economy of scale that means large projects are done in less time and the costs per finished hour of material are reduced.

For more details about the equipment we use, please refer to the Gear List.

Please feel free to ask about other formats you may have. We have plenty of old and esoteric machines “out the back” and access to many others. If we don’t have the machines on hand to digitise your material we should be able to locate the appropriate machine and in good condition.

We can supply digital copies in many different formats. A high quality archival 24bit/96kHz Broadcast Wav file (BWF), and reference / listening Audio CDs, MP3s or any other format that suits your needs.

Current and past digitisation projects include:

  • 1/4″ Reels for the National Film & Sound Archive
  • 1/4″ reels, cassettes & DATs for Wildbear Entertainment
  • Cassettes, Mini Cassettes & Microcassettes for the Dept of Senate
  • 1/4″ reels and DAT tapes for the National Archives of Australia
  • Cassettes for The National Film & Sound Archive.
  • A collection of 4 x 1/2″ reels and 11 x DA-88 tapes
  • The Moryua & District Historical Society oral history cassette collection
  • 2 x 1/2″ 16 track reels for Sandman Records.
  • a reel of acetate tape containing a family history.

Infidel Studios has also done archival transfer work for The National Museum of Australia, AIATSIS Audio Visual Archive and has assisted The National Film and Sound Archive with early digital formats.